Imported lists allow you to track target companies visiting your website, giving sales and marketing behavioural intelligence to build relationships, book meetings and close deals more effectively than ever before.

Some common use cases and benefits of Imported lists:

  • Identify existing customers visiting your website and tag them
  • Help sales move quicker on target accounts (ABM) who may be researching your products vs. your competitors
  • Upload a list of closed/lost sales targets and get notified when they visit again in the future, so you can re-engage

Here's how to use Import lists:

STEP 1: Create a 2-column list of company names and their website addresses (in the following format: as CSV. Note that character case will be ignored during processing.  

NOTE: Do not leave empty rows between the companies and website addresses in the CSV. The minimum length of the company name is 2 characters. Save the file in the UTF-8 encoding format.

STEP 2: Click your name on the right upper corner and select Settings for... from the menu in Leadfeeder.

STEP 3: On the tab Website, select Imported lists.

STEP 4: On the next view, click Import CSV. 

STEP 4: Name the Imported lists and click Select file. Upload the CSV file you created on STEP 1 from your computer and click Save. 

NOTE: Only the first 10,000 entries will be loaded, if the list exceeds 10,000 entries. You can upload up to 20 lists. Please note also that it might take some time to load your list and the Imported list filter might not instantly appear.

STEP 5: Create a custom feed that includes organizations that are listed in your Imported list by using the following filter:

Leads that match with the Imported lists, are marked with the following tag:

You can preview the updated list on the Imported lists settings by clicking the name of the list:

NOTE: In order to make these imported lists as inclusive as possible and to avoid strict rules about your list format, they are setup to match leads that lead names beginning with a phrase in an imported list entry. This may result in an occasional 'extra' lead or two in these feeds. For example, if your list contains "Stan", and "Standford University' visits, it may show on your feed.

Please note only admin users can upload or view uploaded list, but all users can use them in filters.

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