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With Lists you can create and manage company or contact lists in one place and use them across all Leadfeeder products: Prospector, Promote and WebVisitors.

We've detailed some of the top use cases for Lists and which combination of tools you need below.

Create a target list

Use Prospector's comprehensive search system of over 20 filters to create a list of companies/contacts you wish to target based on your own specific criteria. These could be your ideal customers, or a subset for a specific sales team. There are then two options, from the two buttons you can see in the screenshot below: Export or Add to List. You can export this list to a CSV file and pass these details on to sales, helping save them time in prospecting, and enabling more time for selling and conversion. Alternatively, add these contacts to a list, which will be saved in the Lists tool, available for use within WebVisitors and Promote. You can select companies one by one, per page, or all at once.

  • Tools used: Lists | Prospector

Find out more about your website visitors

Create a list from WebVisitors and use that list in Prospector to reveal contact details. By starting with a list from WebVisitors, you're refining your search to companies who have already visited your website: those who show some indication of intent towards your company. Find out more about how to create lists in WebVisitors here.

  • Tools used: WebVisitors | Lists | Prospector

Step 1: Create a List from WebVisitors

Step 2: Use this List in Prospector as a filter

Retarget your website visitors

Create a list of companies visiting your website from WebVisitors and run retargeting display ad campaigns to those leads using Promote. Your ads are only going in front of companies who already have some awareness of your brand. By targeting these you can reinforce your message and make your advertising budget more focused. Find out more about setting up a campaign in Promote here.

  • Tools used: WebVisitors | Lists | Promote

Step 1: Create a List from WebVisitors

Step 2: Use this List in Promote as a companies to target

Measure campaign performance

By running display ads to target companies in Promote, you can then use this list of targets to create a custom feed in WebVisitors to see if they are visiting/showing intent on the website.

  • Tools used: WebVisitors | Lists | Promote

Reach your target customers with display ads

Create a list of target customers using Prospector, then run display ad campaigns to them using Promote. By having a defined list of target customers you wish to advertise to you can be sure your paid media budget is being used to best effect. You can also tailor your ad messaging more specifically to these target customers.

  • Tools used: Prospector | Lists | Promote

Convert existing prospects quicker

You can refine a list of target customers in your CRM (for example 'open deals') and export this as a CSV file. You can then import this into Lists, and use this list within Promote to run targeted display ad campaigns to place your message directly in front of your known prospects.

  • Tools used: Lists | Promote

Reveal contact details and send these to your CRM

If you have a CRM integration connected you can send contact details you've revealed with Prospector directly from a list to there. This saves you time from having to do this process manually and is a quick way to enrich your CRM data.

  • Tools used: Lists | Prospector


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