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When using all of the four Leadfeeder tools together, this is the ultimate workflow you could design to ensure Marketing pass only the most qualified leads to Sales.

This workflow incorporates: Lists, Promote, Prospector and WebVisitors

Step 1: Search for the right companies

Use Prospector filters to define your target customer or ideal customer profile (ICP). Once finished, save the list of companies.

  • Tool: Prospector

Step 2: Start ad campaign

Launch a display ad campaign in Promote to your target company list using specifically designed ads.

  • Tool: Promote

Step 3: Measure ad campaign performance

Create a custom feed for these target customers in WebVisitors to observe if they are visiting your website and showing intent.

  • Tool: WebVisitors

Step 4: Pass on the warm leads to sales

Send warm leads to your sales team via CRM automation/other automation like Slack. You may choose to complete steps 5 and 6 first, to see if you can send your sales team even more granular data.

  • Tool: WebVisitors

Step 5: Find the right decision makers

Filter via your company list in Prospector and add further contact filters such as location/job description.

  • Tool: Prospector

Step 6: Close the deal

Reveal the contact details of these decision makers and send the data directly to your CRM for your sales teams to contact.

  • Product: Prospector


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