Why should you add your Google Analytics to Leadfeeder?

Adding a connection between your sites Google Analytics and Leadfeeder is simple and valuable. It gets you ready for any future Google analytics integrations and allows us to see samples of past data if needed. Most importantly though, it is the connection we need to identify Google Ad campaign visits!

Luckily it is very easy to connect Google Analytics to Leadfeeder!

Follow these simple steps: 

NOTE: You need to be a Leadfeeder admin user to add Google Analytics view to Leadfeeeder. If you haven’t connected a Google account at any other time start from Step 1. If you already have a Google account connected skip down to Step 6.

Also, please note that at the moment it's not possible to add GA4 views to Leadfeeder.

STEP 1: Navigate to Settings for your website to connect a Google account and a Google Analytics view.

STEP 2: Click Google Analytics views then click Add a Google Account.

STEP 3: Choose the Google Account you want to connect with. You should connect the account that has access to your Google Analytics.

STEP 4: Allow the connection to Leadfeeder when it asks on the next screen. This is what allows Leadfeeder to see your Google Analytics account when you add it. We never share or sell your data!

STEP 5: You will see a confirmation banner on the top of the Google Analytics view screen. Good job! 😊

If you visit your personal settings under Google Accounts now you should see that you have connected a Google Account.

STEP 6: Next, in your Account settings move to Google Analytics views and click Connect a Google Analytics view.

An analytics ‘view’ is a type of connection to your website’s Google Analytics data. Any views you have already connected will be shown! This is also where you would add different views if you are tracking multiple sites.

Once you click to add a new view you will be shown all of the views you have permissions for.

STEP 7: Select and connect the view you want to be seen in Leadfeeder by clicking Add.

STEP 8: Once added you will see the view listed and the status as ‘ok’.
Now if there are other views you want to add for other sites you can simply click Connect another Google Analytics view and choose any others you need.

NOTE: If you are tracking multiple sites under your account you will want to add the Google Analytics views for each of them if they are available.

That’s it! Enjoy your day knowing you have everything you need to be connected! 

If you have questions or need some support just reach out! We are happy to help via our live chat or through email, support@leadfeeder.com.


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