Leadfeeder's integration with ActiveCampaign can give you insight into what your visitors are doing on your site in relation to your mail campaigns! It will also put a name to the visit!

This type of identification was previously only available with our Mailchimp integration, but our customers spoke, and we listened!

Our ActiveCampaign integration gives you more detail on your leads in two areas.

The first place you will see ActiveCampaign magic is on the Lead listing in your feed. Next to the company name, if the Lead connects with an ActiveCampaign visit, you'll see a small colored circle with initials on it.

Like this!

Hover over that circle and see the real magic, the name, and/or email of the visitor! (We blur for privacy but your view will be clear 😊 )

Now you can take decisive action by checking out what the visitor did while they were on the site.

Without ActiveCampaign, all leads show visit details so that you can see the path your visitors take. With ActiveCampaign, you can see all site visits in the single 'All' tab and expand them for more detail. You can also select the 'Visits' tab to see ONLY standard visits or click on your 'Clicks' tab to see only visits and clicks on your campaigns.

The new All, Visits and Clicks tabs give you a simple way to focus on what is important to you and your team! You and your team can now break these down quickly for more visibility!

Why would you want to see what pages your customers are going to? Perhaps they visited a particular product page and a sales team member should reach out. If they clicked on a newsletter perhaps they would be interested in your next webinar. If they perused the cancellation policy page 😱 ... Now you know and can take the action needed!

NOTE: For Leadfeeder to be able to identify the email subscriber, we have needed to identify the company of the email domain first at any time you have been using Leadfeeder.


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