With Leadfeeder's custom feeds you are able to focus in on your individual priorities. Perhaps you have a custom feed that shows you what companies are visiting key pages, or a feed tracking a particular marketing campaign. You can see details on each lead when you open them, but you may want a broader view of who is visiting.

Feed analytics was designed to give you just that! You’ll be able to see at-a-glance, which countries and industries generate the most leads for your business in a given time frame.

You can select any feed from your list to see statistics on (1). Keep in mind that all of the averages will be based on the time period selected (2). The average Leads per day will show at the top (3), the top countries where leads are from (4), and the top industries of the leads (5).

If you want to see a bit more just click on the show more option to expand the lists from 'Top 3' to 'Top 10'! To close it back down just click show less.

Feed Analytics is just getting started. As we continue to grow you will see more options and have even greater insight. If you have questions or recommendations please reach out by using the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen or by emailing support@leadfeeder.com.


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