Q: Can everyone see my custom feed?

Yes, all Leadfeeder users can see all custom feeds unless you use our GUARD paid addon. However, without the addon, you can also set up alerts and automation specific to you!

Q: How do I select 'OR' within the feed instead of 'AND'?

When setting up or editing custom feeds, the logic is to use 'or' within single filters and 'and' between different filters within the same feed. There isn't a way to choose your logic or change its current state. You can read more about the logic here.

Q: Why don't I see the city/state/URL I am looking for in the dropdown when I am setting up a feed?

When you set up custom feeds, some of the dropdowns won't contain options if they haven't been seen by Leadfeeder. For example, if you are trying to set up a feed for Leads from Monowi, Nebraska, but you haven't had any visits from companies identified in Monowi, Nebraska, the option won't be available in the dropdown. You can add the desired city/state/URL by typing it in and then selecting it.

Q: Why don't I see the Industry I am looking for in the dropdown when I am setting up a feed?

When you set up Industry custom feeds, the dropdown may not contain the exact industry you are looking for. This is due to Leadfeeder pulling a very specific set of Industries. If you were to put in something incorrect, you might miss out on important leads. For example - adding in 'Finance' would block out leads because they are categorized as Financial Services or Banking. At the present time, our dropdown list will show you the industries we have identified as visitors already. A complete list of industries can be seen here.

Q: Why are my domain and page URL filters not showing any results?

When using any of the page or URL-oriented filters, you may also try using 'contains' with the relevant content of the path of your page. If set up with contains, you can leave out the URL's 'www' and 'HTTP' portions. If you do use the full URL, please use only 'HTTP' - not 'https,' even if your site is 'https.' Check if this may be the issue. However, we do not recommend using 'contains" in more than 1-2 filters as it slows down performance!

NOTE: Leadfeeder converts all of the page views to display as HTTP in order to assure we see all of the relevant visits. If 'HTTPS' is used, you will not see any results. This has no impact on your site, it is an internal process that we run in order to keep all visits orderly.

Q: Are custom feeds visible to all users?

When you create a custom feed, it is visible to all the users of your Leadfeeder account.

In other words, if you and your colleagues are users of a Leadfeeder for your company website, then everyone will have access to all custom feeds.

If you have our GUARD addon, you can also create custom feeds and give only view access to other users for the feed. You can read more about this here.

Q: How do I exclude data about companies from certain industries?

Make a custom feed with a filter including only the industries you want to see.

Q: Can I retrieve deleted custom feed?

Unfortunately not. Once the custom feed is deleted we can't retrieve it. We also do not keep any information (eg. filters used) about the deleted custom feed.

Q: I have a different question.

Let us know by sending us an email to support@leadfeeder.com or using our chat!


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