Go to Echobot/Leadfeeder

You can assign leads to other Leadfeeder users and set up Custom feeds to make it easier to follow the leads that are assigned to you.

STEP 1: Assign a lead to a Leadfeeder user by opening the lead's details and clicking Assign

STEP 2: Select an assignee from users on the menu. You can also click Select yourself and assign the lead for yourself. Add a comment, if wanted and click Assign.

You can unassign a lead by clicking the Assigned button under the name of the lead and Unassign.

If you don't see the user you expect in the drop-down make sure they have accepted the Leadfeeder user invitation they were sent and refresh the page. Once they accept they should appear in the dropdown.

NOTE: When a lead is assigned to a user, that person will get an email notification. If you do not want to get the email notification, instead of assigning, you can tag leads and create custom feeds for each tag. If you assign a lead to yourself, you won't get an email.

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