You can manage your personal email notifications for each of your feeds from the dashboard of the Leadfeeder app. Admins can alter the notification settings of other users from here too.

This is how it looks for a normal user.

Here's what to do: 

STEP 1: Select which feed you want to manage notifications for and then choose edit from the Email Subscriber block. 

STEP 2:  Select the user from the dropdown and click 'Add'. Choose between daily, weekly or uncheck to receive no emails at all from this particular feed then click 'Save feed'.

Daily email notifications are send every morning at 9 AM and weekly notifications every Monday at 9 AM local time based on timezone that is set in your settings.

NOTE: If you are an admin you will be able to alter other users preferences on the Settings.

: If you click Advanced email notification preferences from the bottom of the section, you will be taken to a view where you will be able to make further alterations:

Remember to click Save when you're done. 

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