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WebVisitors now integrates with the Lists tool so you can see if a lead (company) visiting your website is present in any of your existing company lists. These company lists can also now be used as filter options when creating a custom feed, or you can add all your leads from a feed to a list. We'll go through these different options in detail below.

Add a single lead (company) to a List

You can individually add companies to a List by selecting the Add to List button when within a lead. If your lead is already in a list, you will see a small 'list' icon as indicated by the left hand arrow below.

Once you have selected Add to List, a popup window will ask you to choose which list to add this lead to. If you don't have any lists yet, you will be prompted to save a new list, which you can rename later, directly within the Lists tool.

Adding multiple leads (companies) to a List

You can add a group of companies to a List by selecting Add companies to list. This feature will add all companies that are present in the current feed you're viewing. You can use this feature directly from any of your Custom feeds, so you have the option to add all companies from a specific feed to a list. If your list is quite large, you can narrow this down further using the date parameters.

Note: A maximum of 10,000 leads can be added to a List in one go.

Filter by List when creating a Custom Feed

You are now able to create a custom feed using the following filter Company info > Company list.

If you don't currently have a List you wish to filter by, you can click directly from here to either import a CSV List or create a new List in Prospector.

If you need a recap on creating custom feeds in general, you can go here.


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