From time to time our users ask if it’s possible to see if a visitor has visited a specific URL. We’re happy to share that it’s now possible!

The Goals feature allows you to see easily if a visitor has, for example, visited your pricing page or played a specific video on your website. When you have a defined goal in your Leadfeeder settings, the goal visit would look like this in your timeline:

Previously, you had to open all visit details to see a specific URL visit or action on your site. Now you can just look for the icon, and see which visit included the most interesting pageview or action.

Here's how to use Goals:

STEP 1: Click your name on the right upper corner and select Settings from the menu in Leadfeeder.

STEP 2: On the tab Account, select Goals and then click Add new goal.

STEP 3: In the following view, name the goal and choose an icon that will be visible in your timeline next to the Goal. All Leadfeeder users can see the goal, so it’s important to name the goal something that everyone understands.

STEP 4: Next define the Condition for the goal. Conditions can be either File download, Form fill, Page Title, Page URL, Video play or Video title. Once the condition is set, click Save.

NOTE: Goals aren’t retroactive and will highlight only visits that have happened after you have set up the goal.

Once you have added a goal, you can manage them in your Leadfeeder settings: activate, disable, edit, delete and create new goals!

Also, you can use Goals as custom feed filters to see only the most interesting leads in your feed.

If you need any help with Goals, please reach out to support via live chat or email


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