Leadfeeder identifies the companies that visit your website and gives you the information you need to decide if they are a good fit for your business, and how to connect. We use a number of different sources to get this information including Google, LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Clearbit, as well as our own data team. 

Within the company info section you may see information such as:

  • Description: This is a broad overview of what the company does. This is similar to what they may put in as a description on LinkedIn or their website.

  • Company Size: This is an estimate of how many employees the company has.

  • Industry: This is the industry that has been associated with the company.

  • Contact: This is any contact or location information associated with the company. It may also include a link to LinkedIn's 'People Search' page for the company. NOTE: The location we show is based on that of the actual visitor. Although this is usually the location of the company it may vary in cases of multiple offices/locations, the usage of a VPN, or other factors. The best way to confirm a location is by checking the website of the LinkedIn profile. Read more about locations here.

  • Web: This will list the companies website, other social network sites available, and a quick link to a Google search.

If you have questions about the information displayed you can always contact support to have a look and verify what we are showing. We use a number of different services and systems to get this company information and we are always open to improving it.

You also have the opportunity to customize some of this information for your own use. There are pencil icons shown beside the Company name, and well as the website. These can be used to edit the fields you see in your view and will also send us a notice to 'double-check' things.

These edits are typically made when your organization knows a company by a slightly different name, or when you want the website link to go to the language site of your preference. These changes will be shown to you right away and if they are applicable to everyone we will update our information.

We strive to continue to get all of our customers the most accurate information possible. If you have a suggestion or question regarding a lead please reach out via our chat or support@leadfeeder.com


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