Leadfeeder shows you your websites Leads based on its web traffic—i.e. the companies that visit your site — their on-site behavior, company details and contact information. 

Each 'Lead' listed (image above) can be selected, and details about that lead are shown (image below).

Leads can contain information in several different sections.

Company Info* (more on this here):

  • Company Name

  • Company Description

  • Company Size

  • Industry

  • Contact Info

  • Business ID

  • Revenue

  • LinkedIn People Search Link

  • Web site

  • Google Search Link

  • Social Media Links (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Crunchbase)

When Leadfeeder contacts are available

  • Name

  • Position/Title

  • Email Address

  • Social media links (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)

For each visit:

  • Time and Date of visit

  • Source and Medium

For example, if you run LinkedIn ads and a visitor clicks the ad's link to your site that is being tracked with Leadfeeder, you can see the visitor's source as LinkedIn.

  • Number of pages visited

  • Visitor ID number

  • The total length of visit

  • Pages visited (Title, URL, and Length of a page visit, file downloads, Youtube videos watched, filled forms).

CRM Integration:
If your CRM is integrated this section can show (if available);

  • Account the lead is connected to

  • Account Owner

  • Tasks (Status, Priority, Due Date and Owner)

  • Deals (Deal, Owner, Pipeline/Stage, Closing Date, Creation Date)

Comments can be added on any Lead - they will appear to all of your team members using Leadfeeder.

*not every lead will have all details available


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