Q: Why are admins only able to see Leadfeeder visit details in our Salesforce? The rest of my team cannot view the visit details.

What might have happened is that when someone on your team installed the Leadfeeder package into your Salesforce organization that person clicked on the option to only allow it for admins.

STEP 1: Your Salesforce admin should uninstall the Leadfeeder package from your Salesforce. Note: This will delete all information that has been added to your Salesforce account including visit details, Leadfeeder’s custom entities, and any customizations made on top of it.

STEP 2: Reinstall the Salesforce package from the Leadfeeder integration page; make sure Install for All Users or Install for Specific Profiles is chosen.

Select Reconnect:

Select Reinstall from the new window:

STEP 3: Read this Salesforce support article and act accordingly. We suggest the option to create custom permissions set and then assign that set to any number of users.

Q: I'm setting up my Salesforce integration but there isn't a field for email or other contact info, just an Opportunity name, First Name, and Last Name where does the email go?

Contact information isn't sent to the Salesforce CRM. We give the opportunity to put in default names in case they are required by your set up, however even if these fields are used contact information will not port over. 

Q: What if I have a Lead in Salesforce already - does Leadfeeder check for duplicates?

Leadfeeder creates a new lead when it is asked without looking for duplicates. However, you can set up your Salesforce instance to help prevent this. Check this article for help.

Q: Why don't you send contact information to my CRM?

Due to our commitment to privacy and our GDPR compliance we can't allow the export of this data. While we can show and process it, the data is not ours to share en masse. Our current agreements allow it to be shown within Leadfeeder alone.

Q: Why aren't the visits sending to Salesforce?

The issue may be that your integration is set up in such a way that you are trying to connect a lead as both and 'Account' and a 'Lead'. Visit data can only be sent to an 'Account' OR a 'Lead'.

You have to click in to see the visit details. Our package has you set up a custom object on the account or lead level to segment leadfeeder visits (ie, it shows up in its our organized spot- not alongside other activity). The Visit details are an extra click away you click on the visit to see the pages viewed.

Q: What is the source for leads/accounts sent to Salesforce?

The account / lead source in Salesforce is set to 'Leadfeeder', if the the new record is created in Leadfeeder. If you connect Leadfeeder lead with an existing Salesforce account or lead, the source field is not updated.

This field can be included when creating SFDC reports.

Q: Can I connect Leadfeeder lead to multiple accounts or leads in Salesforce?

One Leadfeeder lead can be connected to either one Salesforce lead or account at a time.

Q: What happens to data if I uninstall the Salesforce integration?

Please note that if you uninstall the Salesforce package, all information that has been added to your Salesforce account will be lost.

Q: If the country of my leads doesn't have states, can I switch off sending States in Leadfeeder leads to my Salesforce?

Yes, you can turn it off in your Leadfeeder settings under Sync settings, "Leads."

Q: Why does Leadfeeder show more leads than there are accounts in Salesforce from the same date range?

Not all Leadfeeder leads are always connected to the Salesforce account so it can happen that there will be more Leadfeeder leads in the Leadfeeder app than accounts in Salesforce for a given date range.

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