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In Leadfeeder, there are basic feeds and custom feeds.

Basic feeds display a list of leads (companies) that meet certain criteria set by Leadfeeder. Custom feeds are feeds that you customise yourself. This article explains more about custom feeds and gives you some examples.

The image below shows the list of basic feeds. When you create a custom feed, it appears underneath the basic feeds. 

The purpose of any feed in Leadfeeder is to segregate lead data so you can see the most critical information quickly and easily.

Custom feeds allow you to quickly see companies that match certain criteria depending on your goals. For example, they might have visited certain web pages, be located in a particular country or they might be from a certain industry. You can select your own criteria.

Reasons to create a custom feed:

  1. Quickly and easily see the most relevant leads, so when you log into Leadfeeder, you can jump straight to what's most important.

  2. Subscribe by email to the custom feed to receive daily or weekly email alerts about new companies matching the criteria you have set.


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