Now when assigning a lead in Leadfeeder, the assignee will tagged inside Slack notification. Here is what it looks like:

In order to enable this feature, there’s 2 things you need to do (NOTE: if you initiated the integration prior to August 2018, check the App reinstallation part at the end of the article)

  1. Navigate to your Slack settings to find a section "Leadfeeder users matched with Slack users." Map each Leadfeeder user to the corresponding Slack username.

2. Make sure you’ve defined the default channel to send the leads to & opted in this feature next to “Send notification to Slack when assigning leads”
Note: if you don't want to get notification when someone assigns a lead to themselves, check the other box as well.

That's it, happy assigning!

App reinstallation
If you initiated the integration prior to August 2018, that means that your Leadfeeder Slack app won't have powerful enough permissions to do the tagging of assigned leads.
Here's how to elevate the permissions:

  1. Navigate to your Slack settings and click on “Reconnect”. 
  2. You will prompted to give Leadfeeder certain permissions.

NOTE: these permissions are elevated compared to the permissions you gave to Leadfeeder Slack app before this feature release. It is required for this feature to work.

Contact in case you have any questions.

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