The purpose of feeds inside Leadfeeder is to segregate the data so you can quickly and easily see the most critical information.

There are 5 pre-set feeds in Leadfeeder: 

  • All Leads
  • Followed companies
  • Leads assigned to me 
  • New leads
  • Top leads

Pre-set feeds display a list of leads (companies) that meet certain criteria set by Leadfeeder: 

  1. All leads –> displays everything.
  2. Followed companies –> displays companies that you (the user) are following.
  3. Leads assigned to me –> display companies that are assigned to you.
  4. New leads –> displays companies that have visited the site for the first time during selected timeframe.
  5. Top leads –> displays companies matching these criteria: more than 3 page views, from any industry except Telecommunications, not assigned to any user. 

In Brief:

  • You can edit or remove pre-set feeds (not All leads) in order to modify the feeds according to your own preferences. 
  • When you log into Leadfeeder you can access all your feeds from the dropdown menu in the top left of the screen. The default feed is All leads.

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