There are four different types of filters to use in your custom feeds: behaviour, acquisition, company info, and Leadfeeder activities. Depending of the selected filter, it can either include or exclude leads.

Behaviour includes filters that are based on the visitor's behaviour on your website. Filters are following:

  • Domain
  • First visit occurred
  • Landing page
  • Page title
  • Page URL
  • Page views per day 
  • Page views per visit 
  • Quality 
  • Visit length
  • Visits 

Acquisition includes filters that are based on the traffic sources:

  • Ad content
  • Campaign
  • Keyword
  • Medium
  • Referring URL
  • Source
  • Source / Medium

Company info includes filters related to the lead information we offer to you: 

  • City
  • Company
  • Country
  • Employee count
  • Industry, please see all industries listed here
  • Religion

Leadfeeder activities defines if a lead belongs to a custom feed or not based on an activity made on Leadfeeder.

  • Assignee
  • Emailed
  • Follower
  • Sent to Slack
  • Tags

If you have Mailchimp or any CRM connected to Leadfeeder, you are able filter leads also based on their information. 

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