Google Analytics is a web analytics software that tracks your website traffic. It typically requires a small piece of JavaScript to be inserted onto your website, allowing Google Analytics to collect information about visits and actions on your site.

Leadfeeder uses this Google Analytics data as a base to identify your website visitors. Although Google has all of the IP data from your visitors, we don't base our identification on that. Google makes the actual IP addresses private, and instead converts the information from them into Network Reports. We use those Network Reports in tandem with our processing and extensive database of business contacts and information. This allows us to identify the companies that visit your website and the people connected to them.

You do need Google Analytics on your site in order for Leadfeeder to work for you. If you are unsure if your website has GA ask your web or marketing team. You can also ask Leadfeeder support via our chat box. We are happy to help and can tell you if your site has what it needs. You can also check out "Signing up for Leadfeeder".

If you do not have GA on your site this link can help you get set up with a free account: Getting Started with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics accounts must be Google accounts, usually a Gmail account - or if your company is using Google Apps, it can be whatever -type of address. You can log in to Google Analytics at if you need to check permissions, details, or even to check if you have access. You must use the same email address that has Google Analytics when connecting with Leadfeeder.

After you've set up Google Analytics, Leadfeeder requires no installations. You just connect the view to Leadfeeder using our simple interface.

You can see how the entire sign up process goes in this article "Signing up for Leadfeeder".

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