Referrer spam is a widespread problem for Google Analytics accounts.

In Leadfeeder we block referrer spam so it doesn't skew your data. This will result in a cleaner, more streamlined experience for our users and it represents a massive step forward. It's important to note, however, that this change won't block referrer spam from hitting your Google Analytics so you'll need to keep an eye on Google Analytics.

To find referrer spam in your Google Analytics you should:

STEP 1: Navigate to Referral Traffic in Google Analytics

STEP 2: Filter by bounce rate, looking for referrers with a 100% or 0% bounce rate and 10 or more sessions. Most likely they are spam referrers.

STEP 3: Make a copy of spam referrers and if you're not sure then search online with the referrer name and "referrer spam".

STEP 4: When you have identified referrer spam then follow the steps in our article to remove it from your Google Analytics.

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