The referral program is for individuals or small companies who enjoy sales, marketing, SEO, analytics or business life in general and are keen on making a bit of extra cash while talking about Leadfeeder in their updates, blogs, websites or in other ways.

To help you out and give you some ideas, here are four things our members have done to share their unique referral links.

1. Blog

Writing about B2B sales & digital disruption, adding viewpoints about how to increase ROI on your marketing efforts by catching unknown website visitors.

2. Twitter

Tweeting about Leadfeeder occasionally with different messages e.g. 'Great B2B lead generation tool', 'Uncover your website visitors', 'Start social selling from your website visitors'.

3. LinkedIn SlideShare document

Creating a slide show about digital marketing and web analytics, including visitor tracking with Leadfeeder as a part of it.

4. Newsletter to client base 

Sending as part of the newsletter a link to a cool new tool, a must-have for B2B sales & marketing people.

With these examples and your own ideas we are sure you will create traffic through your own referral link. Thanks for spreading the word about Leadfeeder!

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