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How do I change my credit card information?

Leadfeeder gives you full control of your subscription payment information, allowing you to add cards for payment, update cards, and change primary cards. You don't have to worry about sending in copies or having an account manager do the card update, you can do it all! (If you are an admin user of course).

NOTE: Please be aware that only the admin user is able to change the primary credit card.

Simply navigate to your settings to make any needed changes:

All of your payment and subscription details are located under your Company details in the Billing menu.

One very common cause for needing to update your payment information is in the case of an expired card. We will use this scenario to walk you through on how you can add a new credit card.

STEP 1: Check your subscription. If you have multiple subscriptions, select the one you need to update from your subscription list. If you only have one subscription, that makes it very simple.

When you click Edit, you will be able to see everything about that subscription, including the payment cards associated with it. If your credit card has expired, you need to change the payment method.

STEP 2: Go to Payment methods and click Add new credit card. Fill in all of the new details, and choose the subscription(s) you want to use this new card for. Make sure you save!

STEP 3: Your new card is now the primary card for the selected subscription(s), and your old card can be deleted using the trash icon on the Payment methods page.

Now that you can see how the payment methods are connected to the subscriptions and where all of the information can be found, you can update your card and subscription at anytime.

NOTE: If you want to use an existing card for an existing subscription, go to the Subscriptions page and click Edit, scroll down to the Credit Cards table, then click the button in the Type column for the card you want to make Primary for that subscription.


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