By integrating Pipedrive to Leadfeeder, you can send details of company, deals and activity from Leadfeeder directly to Pipedrive.

In addition, once you integrate, you can send website visit details about your leads from Leadfeeder to Pipedrive, and this will provide context for sales team members to aide in their  outreach efforts by providing behavioral data to understand intent. 

In order to enable the Pipedrive integration, you need to be a Leadfeeder Premium or Trial user. Also, to connect Pipedrive, you need a Pipedrive account and Admin (or at least write, read, update, append, and append to) privileges for the Pipedrive account you want to connect to Leadfeeder and the user with the above rights in Pipedrive should not be limited by any field level or record security or by any validation rule in your Pipedrive.

How do I connect Pipedrive with Leadfeeder?

STEP 1: Start within Leadfeeder and navigate to the Settings.

STEP 2: Under Account and Integrations, select Pipedrive.

STEP 3: You will be taken to our Pipedrive integrations page. Follow the instructions from there to complete your integration. 


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