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How do I change my subscription status?

Leadfeeder allows you to make the changes you need to within your account settings. Navigate to your billing settings to get to the right section. You can also use this link as a shortcut!

Perhaps you’ve decided to switch to annual billing to take advantage of the significant savings offered. Or maybe you need to cancel your subscription because your business has changed. You can do so within your subscription settings.

STEP 1: Find the subscription you want to change and click Edit. This will take you to the subscription details page. 

STEP 2: Once on your details page, you will see a few options regarding your current subscription. You have the opportunity to add or remove add-ons such as Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio or 'GDS'), switch from Monthly to Annual subscription payments, or cancel your account.

If you are adding or removing Looker Studio you will see a summary and confirmation page. Check that all looks right and click Confirm selection to update your subscription.

If you are switching your plan type you’ll be shown your current plan and the updated option. Have a look to confirm and click Switch to simply change plans.

If you are in a Monthly or Annual plan and need to cancel your subscription use the Cancel Subscription button

We may need to reach out to confirm or get more information on how Leadfeeder could serve you better. We want to make sure that you receive the service you need!

If you are on an invoiced plan reach please reach out to support by emailing support@leadfeeder.com so we can get you the help you need!

If you aren’t seeing these options you may not be an admin user of the account! Reach out to an admin user to help, or reach out to support via email or chat and we can try to help!


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