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Connecting a lead in Leadfeeder to an existing organisation (or new organisation) in Pipedrive means that whenever that company re-visits your website the details of their visit will show up in Pipedrive automatically.

NOTE: Read here all about the Pipedrive integration, including how to set it up in under 3 minutes.

The screen shot below shows how Leadfeeder automatically creates a note in Pipedrive after a company re-visits your website. Leadfeeder will automatically create a note in Pipedrive with all company's history visits after the user initially connects it to Pipedrive (this can be ticked off also, read more here).

You can also find a link to Leadfeeder as a custom field where you can see all the information related to this organisation in the Leadfeeder app interface.

If you have a deal for that organisation you will automatically see the visit note in both deal and organization.

NOTE: Leadfeeder leads cannot be connected with Pipedrive contacts only. The lead has to be always connected to Pipedrive lead or organisation.


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