Users who have integrated Mailchimp have a tab in their Leadfeeder called People.

When you click on People you see a list of people who’ve come to your website via your Mailchimp campaigns. The email address associated with the name will also show as well as if a photo is available. We've blocked those out in our examples for privacy.

After you click on a person on the left their visit details for the selected time frame open in the right-hand panel.

Other facts:

  • You see where a contact went on your website; not just the page they landed on via your Mailchimp campaign.
  • You can filter your People view by quality and last visit.
  • As with the companies-focussed lead list, the overall quality of a person’s activity for the selected time period is visible with the traffic light colours.
  • You can filter people’s behaviour by campaign.
  • A person’s location is based on their actual network location, not on the email server location.
  • Mailchimp visitors from a home network or from an Internet Service Provider are shown here. These visitors don’t show as companies in the traditional companies lead list.


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