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You are currently able to search for companies located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Please note: You may only search for the United Kingdom and its regions, for companies in France or within the EU, if you have purchased the corresponding data package.

Click on “Search” in the navigation bar to the left.

You are now on the general search overview screen. Click on the button “Add filter”.

Select “Regional Filters” in the navigation bar below “Select filter”.

Select the filter “Countries and Regions”.

You can now select the countries for which you want to perform a search by checking the corresponding box on the right.

Click on the arrow symbol (>) to the left of the country names to open the region selection of the corresponding country.

You can now select individual states for Germany, cantons for Switzerland, states for Austria, and regions for the United Kingdom.

Please note: Companies without regional location data are listed under the category “Unknown”.

Click on the blue “Companies” button at the bottom right of the screen to finish setting up the filter.

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