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You can perform your search using the Echobot business sector categorisations or you can use the designated WZ Codes of the German Federal Office of Statistics.

We will now set up a Filter using the WZ Codes. You can find a list of the WZ Codes (in German) from page 78 here.

Open an active search and click on “Add filter“. Navigate to “Industries” in the list to the left, then click on “WZ Code” on the right.

If you are unfamiliar with the WZ Codes, you can start your search with a relevant keyword instead. Once you enter the keyword in the search bar, the tool will show you suggestions for relevant business sectors:

Click on the plus (+) symbol at the right to add business sectors to your search, or click on the minus (-) symbol to exclude irrelevant sectors.

Each row also shows you the number of companies that are currently associated with the corresponding WZ Code:

Please note: If you include or exclude top-level business sectors, all subordinate sectors will be processed in the same way. For instance, if you choose to add sector 79, the subordinate sectors 79.11, 79.12 etc will be added to our search as well.

If you want to exclude specific subordinate sectors from your search, you need to exclude these sectors manually.

You can see the total number of included and excluded WZ Code sectors at the bottom left. Click on the small arrow symbol (>) on the right to open a detailed list:

If you enter numeric WZ Codes instead of a keyword, the interface will display the corresponding business sector and all its subordinate sectors:

Remember to exclude any unnecessary business sectors to further narrow down your results list.

Finalise the setup of the WZ Code filter by clicking on the blue “Companies” button at the bottom right.

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