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The new Lists tool allows users to create and manage company or contact lists and use them across all Leadfeeder products: Prospector, Promote and WebVisitors.

We've documented some of the top use cases for Lists in a separate article here, but continue reading below for an overview of how Lists works alongside each of the three Leadfeeder tools.

How to Access Lists

Lists can be navigated to easily from your toolbar. Just click on the Dashboard drop down, and click on Lists.

How Lists Works with Each Leadfeeder Tool


Promote targets lists of your key accounts, or your 'ideal customers' with display ads. Promote identifies these target accounts from a list you select. These lists can either be made up of companies you upload yourself via CSV, or companies you've searched for within Prospector and saved as a List.


In Prospector you can use different criteria to build lists of companies and contacts, from here you can create new lists to use within WebVisitors or Promote. Alternatively, you can upload an existing list of your own via CSV and search for the contacts at the companies listed, or filter these uploaded lists further within Prospector to get an even more refined dataset.


WebVisitors now integrates with the Lists tool so you can see if a company visiting your website is present in any of your existing company lists. These company lists can also be used as filter options when creating a custom feed, or you can add all your leads from a feed to a list.

Interested in exploring the ultimate workflow you can create between the Lists tool and the other tools detailed above? Check out our step by step guide here.

Creating a List

New company lists can be created by adding companies to a list from Prospector or importing a CSV file into the Lists tool.

  • Please be aware that in case of CSV imports, a maximum of 10,000 rows are allowed.

  • There is currently no edit/delete function within the Lists tool.


Questions, comments, feedback? Please let us know by contacting our support team via the chat or by sending us an email at support@leadfeeder.com.


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