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When it comes to marketing and sales we are all looking for that top dog position.

Get aligned with your sales team! Track the companies that are actively visiting your website, and set up account scoring based on which pages they visit. Notify the sales team via email or slack of hot leads based on intent data you get from Leadfeeder.

With our integration, you can automatically populate your HubSpot CRM with new companies that Leadfeeder identifies on your website and fill your team’s calendars with deals and tasks. Potential customers will have direct access to it. To be engaged and still get to your pipeline with the help of Leadfeeder.

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Note: Set up a LinkedIn retargeting campaign using Leadfeeder data. Quickly exclude current customers from the audience and minimize wasted budget. Start with a custom feed in Leadfeeder—add a specific tag to the leads, and send this tag to Hubspot. Automatically send them to your LinkedIn retargeting campaign with the help of workflows or look up if that company has a contact you can reach out to.

With Leadfeeder, you can track historic touch points at the account level and get a better idea of where your customers come from. Implement account-based attribution (instead of first-touch individual attribution) in your company. This is crucial for Promote (one of our newest Leadfeeder products) as B2B companies have multiple decision makers.

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More marketing analytics: get insights into source, medium, keyword, and campaign data directly in Leadfeeder or get more of an overview through . Use HubSpot
integration to check which marketing campaigns attract the most new logos.
Explore how to segment data using custom feeds. Then use CRM filters to bring your ICP research to the next level with our GDS plugin


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