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Just like your socks sometimes your leads can get mismatched. If you are experiencing a lead that has been mismatched with your CRM entity follow these steps to resolve the issue.

1) Login to your Leadfeeder App

2) Find the Lead that has been mismatched.

(in this case we will use a lead from Leadfeeder)

3) Scroll down on the righthand column to where you see the "Edit" button

4) Disconnect the Lead from the CRM that it connected to.

(In this case it is going to be a lead connected to Dynamics 365)

5) Now we will click on the blue "Review" button.

6) Scroll to the bottom of the reviewed matches and click on the link to either lead or account.

Note: These directions have been applied for Dynamics 365 but the entities can vary depending on your CRM. For example if you are using Hubspot you will see "company" instead of "account" or "lead"

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