Go to Echobot/Leadfeeder

1) Open your Leadfeeder account. Click on the drop-down (in red circle) and then on

"+ Add website" button.

2) The following page will open up.

3) Click on "Create New Account". A new subscription related to your current account will be created. A separate trial and future paid subscription will be started. However, this new account will be connected to your company in your Leadfeeder UI.

4) You will be asked to install a tracker script to your new website. You would be set up as a user on the new account and the tracker code and billing information would be shared between the original and new account. However, the trial/subscription leads would not be counted in or billed with your current account.

This may be applicable if you are managing and paying for subscriptions but you need users and CMS setups to be separate. Please notice in this option the Leadfeeder tracker script is the same for all website accounts. You will be able to see all your accounts together and switch between them by clicking on them. Here we can switch between account2 and YOUinTECH websites.


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