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If you are an agency, you might need to create separate Leadfeeder accounts/companies for your clients from scratch. In that case, you will start a new trial and later subscription for each Leadfeeder account/company. This article shows you how to do that. The accounts won't be connected in any way.

A tracker script with a unique ID will be created for you to place on each website and you'll set them up individually.

Separate accounts mean you can make sure only users connected with the account can access it. By purchasing separate subscriptions for each account it is easy to get the right package, implement filters, connect the right CRM, and see only leads from one site at a time.

This option works best if you need to have a separate tracking script, data sets, and specific billing, or if you are managing accounts for clients and access needs to be controlled. For example; agency customers, completely separate businesses, or when you are implementing Leadfeeder but the client will be responsible for the account in its entirety.


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