To integrate Leadfeeder with Dynamics 365, you need to have admin rights in both Dynamics 365 and Leadfeeder.

Although we require specific permissions in Dynamics 365 (at least read, write, and append permissions to Accounts, Leads, Activities (Tasks), Opportunities, Leadfeeder Visits (custom entity), and Leadfeeder Pageviews - custom entity) do not worry!

We will NOT modify any data in your Dynamics 365.

For the matcher and sync to run, we need, at minimum,

  • the remote ID

  • the Account name,

  • the Account domain name, and

  • the remote owner ID

to be able to sync your Dynamics 365 with Leadfeeder so that you can start sending Leadfeeder leads to your CRM.

The data we get from your Dynamics 365 is stored on our AWS servers in encrypted form (in transit and at rest).

After you remove the Dynamics 365 integration from Leadfeeder, we delete all the data we have synced from your CRM from our servers.

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