Prospector is a tool for both marketing and sales teams.

For example, if you work in a marketing team, you can use Prospector to discover companies within your ideal customer profile (ICP) and run campaigns to these companies in several ways - including Linkedin and B2B display ads.

For sales teams, Prospector offers an easy way to find the right contact person in a company to reach out to. Prospector shows, for example, a contact person’s work email address and direct phone number.

Search and reveal contacts and companies

Search for companies and contacts

You can use different criteria to find the desired company and contact person in Prospector. You can read more about the search functionality here.

Reveal contacts

Once you have done a search in Prospector, in order to reveal contact details, you can click on any of the "reveal details" buttons next to a prospects name:

Revealing contact details is also possible in the contact details:

Revealing single contact details in this manner, will deduct one credit from your account each time.

Where companies and people are free to browse within the Leadfeeder Prospector platform, the contact details of individuals can be revealed by using credits. One credit equals the reveal of one person’s contact details. When you decide to use a credit for the revelation of an individual's contact details, you can get:

  • Work email address,

  • Direct phone number,

  • Related email address,

  • Related phone number,

  • Or any combination of above

Icons in the Contact details column indicate if contact has a work email address or direct phone number available.

Revealing contacts without the icons in the Contact details column can also be valuable because you might get other information about related email addresses (most often they are private email addresses of the contact) and related phone numbers (for example numbers to the office from where a person works or the headquarter).

New Lists tool

New company lists can be created by adding companies to a list from Prospector or by importing CSVs from the Lists tool.

Please be aware that in the case of CSV imports, a maximum of 50,000 rows are allowed.

Lists can be created from the WebVisitors App and then used for cross-product use cases such as:

  • Finding contacts of all leads in a feed in Prospector (use the Company is in list filter in Prospector)

  • Filter companies from the list based on other company filters available in Prospector

Export companies and import them to LinkedIn

STEP 1: In order to get a list of companies into LinkedIn Campaigns, please first select the companies that you want to export by ticking the box in front of the company name.

STEP 2: Once you’ve got your perfect list, please click the Export button. A pop-up window will appear like shown in the image below. Please make sure “LinkedIn” format is selected.

STEP 3: Click Generate export and you can expect the list to be in your mailbox in the following minutes.

You can upload this list to LinkedIn and start your campaign. If you’d like to learn more about LinkedIn campaigns, please refer to our article here.

Export companies and import them to other systems

If you would like to enrich your CRM data with data from Prospector, you can use the CSV export functionality.

STEP 1: Select the companies for export, click the Export button and select the CSV option.

STEP 2: Click on Generate export and you can expect the list to be in your email inbox in the following minutes.

Similar to the company export to CRM, we can do a contact export to CRM. Select the contacts section within Prospector after setting your filters. Please follow the same steps as with the company export:

STEP 1: Select contacts.

STEP 2: Click export button.

STEP 3: Select the format to be CSV.

STEP 4: Send it to your email by clicking Generate export.

Export contacts and import them to LinkedIn

NOTE: If any not revealed contacts are selected, export of contacts will automatically reveal contact details using the reveal credits.

It’s also possible to export contacts and use them for more precise targeting in LinkedIn campaigns. Select the desired contacts and follow the same steps as with the company export:

STEP 1: Select contacts.

STEP 2: Click the export button.

STEP 3: Select Linkedin campaigns.

STEP 4: Send it to your email.

STEP 5: Upload to Linkedin

To understand a bit more about the upload functionality for LinkedIn campaigns, both for companies and contacts, please see this article.

Reveal Credits and Billing

At any point in time, you can find the amount of credits currently available to you on the top right side. The credit amount available to you will refresh on a monthly basis. When you hover over the question mark next to the credit amount, you can check the date at which the credits will renew.

If you do not have any credits left, you can click on the Update subscription button. This will take you to the subscription settings where you can adjust your plan.

Questions, comments, feedback? Please let us know by contacting our support team via the chat or by sending us an email at


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