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Q: How to remove integration with HubSpot from Leadfeeder

To fully remove the integration and uninstall the HubSpot app from your account, please follow the 2-step process below:


  1. Login to your Leadfeeder account with the administrator account and navigate to Settings.

  2. On "Account" > "Integrations" click on "HubSpot"

  3. Trigger the removal process by clicking on the "Remove" button and confirming the removal on the next page.


Finalize the removal of the HubSpot integration from your HubSpot account.

  1. Login with a user with administrative rights in your HubSpot account.

  2. Click on the "gear" icon on the top-right side.

  3. Go to "Integrations" > "Connected Apps".

  4. Find the "Leadfeeder" app and expand the "Actions" menu.

  5. Select "Uninstall", and follow the next steps.

  6. To archive, the custom properties created as part of the integration for the company and deals, navigate to "Properties" from the left menu.

  7. On "Select an object" select "Company properties" and on the "Properties" tab, search for "Leadfeeder".

  8. Select both of the custom fields and then click on "Archive".

  9. Repeat the same steps (Steps 7-8) for "Deal properties".


  • Removing the app from your HubSpot account will stop the Leadfeeder integration from working.

  • Objects (companies/leads), tasks, deals, or notes created from Leadfeeder will not be affected by the removal of the application.

Q: How to reconnect Leadfeeder to HubSpot when the admin user who originally created the integration does not work for us anymore?

A: Make sure to have another admin user in HubSpot who is also a user in Leadfeeder preferably. Then remove the Hubspot admin user who is not working for your company anymore and reconnect the Leadfeeder Hubspot integration.


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