If you use HubSpot’s chats or forms on your site, we highly recommend you to integrate HubSpot with Leadfeeder.

NOTE: You can integrate HubSpot marketing together with any other CRM in Leadfeeder web application. To do this, connect the other CRM with Leadfeeder first, and then connect HubSpot in marketing platforms. However, if you disconnect your primary CRM, Hubspot will be still used only as Hubspot marketing for discovering people and not as a CRM. If you want to use it as a CRM, you need to remove the Hubspot marketing integration first and then do a new integration for Hubspot as CRM in the CRM platforms.

Once you have integrated HubSpot with Leadfeeder, you will see a new tab in your Leadfeeder called People. You will see those visitors tracked by HubSpot chat or form in the Leadfeeder People timeline, even though the visitor could have used a home network or visited from an Internet Service Provider.

These visitors don’t show as companies in the traditional companies' lead list.

After you click on a person on the left, their visit details for the selected time frame opens in the right-hand panel.

You will see, for example, where the contact went on your website and what their visit location was.

NOTE: For Leadfeeder to be able to identify the person from the HubSpot chat or form, the person needs to come back to your website and browse it after using the chat/form.

Also, you can filter your People's views by the quality and last visit and filter people’s behavior by the campaign. Got questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to our support team via email or live chat for more info!


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