👋 How did Leadfeeder get started?

Leadfeeder was founded in 2012 by Pekka Koskinen, Herkko Kiljunen, and Vicent Llongo to help businesses turn anonymous website traffic into actual leads.

Based in Helsinki, Finland, our team has been at the forefront of website analytics technology in Northern Europe.

Why did we start Leadfeeder? Well, need is the mother of invention.

Pekka's dad was frustrated by the number of promising companies making visits to his website but failing to leave their contact details. Pekka thought there had to be a better way — and he was right.

He built a tool called Snoobi, one of the first full-featured web analytics tools, to track anonymous website visitors on his dad's website.

That tool was later sold to Fonecta, and in 2012, Pekka, Herkko, and Vincent built Leadfeeder based on that same web tracking technology.

In the past few years, we've secured several rounds of funding, expanded our AI offerings, and helped B2B businesses around the globe generate more high-quality leads.

Today, our team is on a mission to help grow B2B companies using our web intelligence to uncover anonymous website visitors and increase revenue.

How do we do it?

With a state-of-the-art tracking script that shows you who visited your website and provides detailed contact information.

As a result, sales and marketing teams are in better alignment, and you get a much clearer picture of who your leads are — and what they need.

🤔 What is Leadfeeder?

Leadfeeder is a website tracking software designed to help B2B marketers and sales teams see what companies visit their website, better understand new prospects, and monitor current customers.

If you are tired of getting tons of traffic that doesn't convert, Leadfeeder can help.

Here's how:

🌱 Leadfeeder’s visitor identification software brings buyer intent data to real-life.

If all this sounds a bit like magic, I've got great news — it's not. It's all about our Leadfeeder tracking code. This little bit of code (which you install on your site) tracks who comes to your site and what they do when they get there.

Then, Leadfeeder pairs that information with a robust database of contact information so you can what company or individual came to your site but where they work, the size of their company, and even what industry they are in.

You can dig in even deeper by setting up custom feeds that notify you right away when a high-value lead comes to your site.

Here's a video that dives a bit deeper into precisely what Leadfeeder can do for you, including setting it up.

Leadfeeder features

Leadfeeder is designed to help you better understand who visits your website and makes it easy to put that information to use. Here are a few ways we do it:

Identify site visitors: See what companies come to your website — even if they don't leave their contact information.

Track lead behavior: Find out what pages visitors visit, how long they stay there and gather other behavioral insights you can use to inform sales follow-up and marketing strategies.

Integrate with your CRM: You don't need another siloed platform. Leadfeeder integrates with your CRM and automatically imports and qualifies leads.

Get real-time alerts: Our tracking code pulls data every 5 minutes, so sales leads are delivered in real-time in the Leadfeeder app, and our Slack integration via email so you can follow up fast. (Don't worry, you can get these via email as well either daily, weekly, monthly, or as soon as a lead is detected. You adjust email notifications, and we'll never spam you.)

Powerful filtering features: Create and save custom feeds, like companies of a certain size or traffic from a specific Google Ads campaign.

Leadfeeder compared to other visitor identification software platforms

Leadfeeder was one of the first visitor identification software tools on the market, but we aren't the only one. So, how does Leadfeeder stack up against the competition?

  • Pricing: Better, cheaper, more transparent pricing. With Leadfeeder, you always know exactly what you'll pay — no sales call required. We also offer a free trial and a limited free plan so you can try before you buy.

  • Data quality: Leadfeeder uses a proprietary database with a better match rate for improved data quality.

  • Notifications: Create and customize daily or weekly email notifications. Or, get Slack and CRM notifications with the help of our powerful integrations.

  • Tracking: We combine Google Analytics with a custom tracking script for more accurate data. (Even in a time when people are working from home!)

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