Installing Leadfeeder Tracker onto your Squarespace site is simple!

Here is how you add the Leadfeeder script to your Squarespace site

STEP 1: Copy the Leadfeeder Tracker script from your Leadfeeder settings.

STEP 2: Login to your Squarespace account.

NOTE: To be able to add Leadfeeder script to your Squarespace page like adviced here, you need to have Business or Commerce Plan.

STEP 3: In Squarespace, navigate to Settings, choose Advanced and click Home Injection (or Code Injection if you are using version 7.1 of Squarespace).

STEP 4: Paste the tracking code in the Header section, then click Save.
STEP 5: Check your traffic rules in your Leadfeeder settings, under Account tab to make sure you have the wanted domains selected as hostnames.

Once everything is set up properly and new visits are seen, it can take up to an hour to show you new leads in Leadfeeder. Hang in there!

If you need more we are happy to help as best we can, contact us via live chat or!


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