If you have a paid Leadfeeder account and you use Pipedrive, you can connect your Leadfeeder account with Pipedrive's Web Visitors feature without extra cost. Pipedrive’s Web Visitors feature is powered by Leadfeeder. With an active Leadfeeder premium subscription, you can see all leads identified by Leadfeeder in Pipedrive for free.

Here's how to connect your Leadfeeder Premium account with Pipedrive's Web Visitors feature

STEP 1: Log in to Pipedrive and go to Leads. Select Web Visitors and click Start a free trial.

STEP 2: Click Already a Leadfeeder user and follow the next steps on the screen.

NOTE: If you have started a trial of the Web Visitors feature, but you prefer linking your paid Leadfeeder account with the feature, please contact Pipedrive’s support. They can remove your trial and after that, you can connect your existing Leadfeeder account with Web Visitors.

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