How do I customize what Leadfeeder sends to Salesforce?

Once you have completed the standard integration and the configuration of Salesforce, it's time to customize what information gets shared between Leadfeeder and Salesforce! You can also set up defaults and custom fields if needed.

You will want to make sure all of your settings are customized before you start using the Salesforce integration in depth.

All of your customization options will be in your settings, under Account, Integrations, and Salesforce.

Begin with setting your defaults numbered in the image below 1-6. 

These defaults apply when creating Opportunities, Tasks, and Leads. If you do not wish to use defaults, you can leave them blank, but we recommend filling them out!

When you manually send leads to Salesforce, you do have the opportunity to use specifics as opposed to the defaults. These settings can also be set for specific custom feeds when creating and sending leads to Salesforce via automation.

Next, you can choose what is automatically sent and synced with your Salesforce account. Items 7-10 can be selected or deselected and work as the rules for Leadfeeder integration.

If you do not want a particular entity synced, Item 8, be sure to have the box unchecked.

Mandatory custom fields, Item 9, may not be used by your organization. You can read more about these fields here. If you don't have any Mandatory custom fields leave this area blank.

Fields sent to Salesforce leads may also need adjustment based on your needs and required fields in Salesforce. Check or uncheck the desired boxes to fit your setup.

One more step and you complete your Salesforce Integration setup! 

User matching between Salesforce and Leadfeeder shows under the User Matching tab. Make any adjustments needed to your users here.

Pat yourself on the back. You have completed all of the setup required for your Salesforce integration. Nice job.

What do you do next? We have some ideas. Make your integration even more powerful by sending leads to Salesforce manually or set up automations to do it for you. Find out how in the articles here, Manually Send Leads to Salesforce, and
Send Leads to Salesforce with Automation.

If you need extra help or have other questions reach out!  Contact us via live chat or send us an email to


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