How do I check if Leadfeeder Tracker is working?

The easiest way to find out if Leadfeeder Tracker is working is to give it time. If you have just installed Tracker wait a long hour and then check your status in your settings under Company -> Leadfeeder Tracker (LITE accounts will take 24 hours to update.) Once everything is installed ad reporting you will see the tracker status as 'installed', 'receiving data' and showing 'events'.

If you just can't wait or after an hour (24hrs for LITE accounts) still aren’t seeing the ‘receiving data’ update or seeing new leads this article can help!

The first thing you will want to do is make sure the Tracker script is actually on the site and firing. 

  • In Chrome, you will right-click on a non-image element of your webpage and select ‘inspect’.
  • There you will see a few different options, you will want to select ‘Network’. Once in the network tab type ‘lf’ in the search box, then refresh your page.
  • If the script is on the site and firing you will see the script show up in the list of scripts, a simple way to find it is by searching for ‘lf’ and then refreshing the page to re-run the scripts.
  • The image above shows Tracker is on the page and firing!
  • The image below means Tracker is not firing.

If you don’t see the script in the network test above you can also view the source code to look for the script. 

  • Right-click on the webpage anywhere except an image. Choose ‘view page source’. 
  • You will see a page with all of your code. By searching the page and looking for ‘lft’ you should be able to find the tracker. 
  • If the tracker is found it will be highlighted on the page, something like the image below.
  • If nothing is found and highlighted then the script is not in your source code as seen below. 

If you do find the code in the source but not when you check the network you may want to work with your team to assure that the script was properly placed (ideally before the end head tag) and that you don’t have any internal tools blocking the scripts ability to track. If you aren’t seeing the script in your source code or the network you may want to reach out to your team and make sure that it was inserted on the live site.

If you can see that the script is on the page and firing you should be in good shape! Go have a nice big cup of coffee and give it an hour to ‘kick-off’.

If you come back after an hour or so and you still don’t see that ‘reporting’ indicator, or it says 'reporting' but things still aren't working, there is one more thing you can check!

  • Have a look at Tracker's traffic rules. The hostname rules are set by default, however, changes may need to be made if you still aren’t seeing leads or the script as reporting. You will also see country and page url rules. These are the settings that specify information about the hostname (website) you are tracking as well as any limitations or exclusions that apply.
  • If you have www in the settings of your hostname, the most common fix would be to remove www and replace it with *. Have a look at the placeholder text for an example. 
  • This will not require the www but will allow it if it appears. This fixes the majority of the cases we see. After you update the rules you will need to give the new rules (another hour) some time to appear.

As always if you need any help do reach out to support via our chat or email!

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