Leadfeeder offers fantastic options for custom feeds, including filtering by domain name. This is an incredibly useful option for anyone tracking multiple sites as it allows you to choose the right domain for the feed, essentially seeing that 'site' on its own.

When setting up a feed with the domain filter you may see domains that you aren't familiar with. This happens if your sites Google Analytics is hosted on other domains. For example, when someone uses Google Translate your site is translated but hosted at the time on Google Translate. This means that translate.google and webcache.google may show up under your domain filter.

It's very normal to have a mix of domain names show in that filter, but you may want to ignore everything that doesn't apply to your site directly. You can do this by creating a 'hostname filter' in your Google Analytics view. This will only show domains that are hosted by your organization. This may decrease your leads if you get a significant number of them from other domains. However, you have the option to change you view back to the original* if you find that it is detrimental.

Note*: We always recommend that you leave one unaltered view in Google Analytics, so creating a new view and filtering there is safest. This will allow you to always have a raw set of data if needed.

This is how we do this at Leadfeeder.

Once the new view is created you can attach it to Leadfeeder and remove any views that aren't filtered. You can review how to do that here.

Add a new Google Analytics View

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