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How do I update Leadfeeder if my website changes?

If you have a shiny new website, a new company name, or maybe you changed your name and want it right in the account. If you want to keep your Leadfeeder account up to date and running follow these steps. 

NOTE: To be able to edit Leadfeeder company or account details, you need to be an admin user in Leadfeeder.

STEP 1: Check out your settings: you can change all of the details you need to under different options in your settings.

STEP 2: Change your user (personal) details where needed: your name, email, password, and make sure you are signed up for our newsletter! Be sure to click save!

STEP 3: Next move to the tab Company and change your company details.

Here you can update your company name and other tool details. Make any edits you need and don't forget to click save! Everything under the Company menu applies to your entire Leadfeeder account.

Check under Subscriptions that you have correct company details added there.

STEP 4: Change your website details under Account tab.

STEP 5: Install Leadfeeder Tracker on your new site by following this article.

STEP 6: Check your traffic rules. If you have changed your domain name or URL you will want to check and possibly update your traffic rules even if you did not need to re-install the script. Make sure that your new hostname is listed properly and remove any unneeded hostnames. 

As always, be sure to save!

STEP 7: Check your Google Analytics views. Click on Your settings under the main navigation, or if you are already in the settings area of Leadfeeder click back on the Account tab. Navigate to Google Analytics.

Here you can check if you have your current Google Analytics view connected. if needed, click Authenticate to Google Analytics to connect another view. 

If you have a new Google Analytics view on your site you will want to add it here. This article can tell you how.

STEP 8: Check out your custom feeds and automation. Go back to your main Leadfeeder leads page and check for custom feeds or automation that may be impacted by changes in your URLs or domain name.

Look for any custom feeds that may include an old domain or URL structure that has changed. Simply click on the feed, check the filters, and click edit to make changes. Don't forget to save it!

Not every step here may apply to the changes you need to make. As they tell you in yoga, take what you need, and leave the rest behind.

As always if you need help please reach out! Contact us via live chat or email to support@leadfeeder.com

NOTE: Changing the name of the account alone won't update or change the connection to your actual site. This will change the display name only. Be sure to check all the steps for what may apply to you!


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