Leadfeeder has specialized partner programs for different types of partnerships. One of them may work for you and your organization! This article is a brief overview but you can read more about them and sign up here.

Our Affiliate Partners LOVE Leadfeeder. They spread the word on an individual basis - sharing Leadfeeder with other organizations in any way they can! 

Sign up to be an Affiliate Partner here.

Our Community Partners are business incubators, co-working spaces, startup programs and similar organizations. They are looking to offer their clients perks and grow their business!

Apply to be a Community Partner

Our Certified Partners are digital marketing agencies, telesales companies, and sales coaches. They want to offer more services to their clients, enhancing value and improving retention.

Apply to be a Certified Partner here.

Benefits for are partners vary depending on the type of partner you become. You can find out more about them here. If you need help deciding what partnership would be best for you, reach out via our live chat or email partners@leadfeeder.com.

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