The Feed Sidebar and Feed Analytics features were designed to make it easier than ever to create, manage and report on your feeds in fewer clicks. You may have loved they layout before, but we think that you will find this new one even better for you.

We reworked the layout to follow a more natural flow from left to right, keeping the things you want to see available at all times. The most obvious being the custom feeds. Now you don't have to close leads in order to switch feeds, you can also create them and quickly search.

New Feed Sidebar

We also added a new panel on the right side of the page. This is where you can quickly see an overview of where the feeds leads come from, both industry and country. (Shown below) We call this Feed Analytics and you can learn more about it here.

You can also easily see and manage any email subscriptions, notifications, and automations related to the feed in the Overview Pane. (shown above)

All of the same features for custom feeds remain available including editing the feed and duplicating it. You may find doing a review of the layout in general to be helpful as well, you can find that here. If you aren't sure where something is please reach out to support via our chat or, we are happy to help!

Custom Feeds
Feed Analytics
The Leadfeeder Basics

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