Q: How does Leadfeeder match leads to CRM entities?

A: We match Leadfeeder leads with CRM entities, like organizations and companies, based on the name and website address (domain or subdomain). We are using the name of the lead that is stored in our database, but if you have renamed a lead, we use the name that is visible in your account to match the lead.

Q: Why isn't Leadfeeder finding this company to match within my CRM,  I know it's there.

A: Try using the search to help find the company or lead in your CRM. Sometimes an entry may be made using a shortened name, main contact name, or even just be misspelled! We won't match automatically unless we are sure.

Is the entry in your CRM brand new? At times the sync between Leadfeeder and your CRM may not be as fast as you. If you have admin permissions you can 're-sync' your CRM from within the CRM settings in Leadfeeder. This can take minutes or hours depending on the amount of information in your CRM, occasionally waiting it out is just as effective.

Q: Why isn't Leadfeeder finding the right person I want to assign to the lead?

A: Has the user been invited to Leadfeeder and accepted the invitation? If so and they still aren't showing up in the dropdown try refreshing your cache.

Is the user you are assigning to new? It may be a similar issue as above and you a faster than the sync! If you have admin permissions you can 're-sync' your CRM from within the CRM settings in Leadfeeder. This can take minutes or hours depending on the amount of information in your CRM. If you do re-sync don't forget to refresh the next time you are looking!

Q: I set up automation on my "custom feeds" to send to my CRM, why didn't it send the ones I already had?

A: Automations such as 'send to CRM', are triggered when a lead is first identified by Leadfeeder. We don’t retroactively sync CRM data from Leadfeeder to your CRM. You will want to send any that came in before you set up your automations manually, but from the time you set them up forward, you will see the automation apply!

Q: Can I connect with multiple CRMs or CRM accounts?

A: No, Leadfeeder can only support one CRM per Leadfeeder account. However, you may find options to connect another with our Zapier integration if needed.

Q: Where are all of the page visits in my CRM? I have it set up to send them.

A: In many CRMs, there are multiple levels related to accounts or leads. We don't send visit data to every level. Visit details will typically appear in the 'Notes' section of some CRMs and on the 'Account' level of CRM's such as Salesforce. Visits are not shared with every lead, activity, or opportunity.

Q: Where do I set up an alert for every visit in my CRM?

A: While you can set up a number of different automations and notifications in Leadfeeder we can't send an alert to you or your CRM with every visit. The page visits are sent in batches and not in real-time. 

Q: How often do you send visits to my CRM?

A: For already connected leads visits update once a day, around 6 AM on your account's timezone.

Q: When will my leads visits show in my CRM?

A: From the time we registered and processed the visit, it will take about an hour usually for a visit to appear in your CRM, if the visit happened during an account's working hours (6AM-6PM account local time, or UTC if timezone not specified). If the visit happens outside these working hours, it will wait until the morning and send it then. A good rule would be expect the visits the next day!

Q: How often are leads matched with my CRM?

A: Lead matching occurs during the same process as general CRM data sync, once a day as well as within 10 minutes when new leads appear. It can be forced by initiating manual sync if you need the information sooner, however, these syncs can take minutes to hours.

Q: Why is Leadfeeder creating duplicates in my CRM?

A: When using automation to create opportunities, accounts, or leads each Leadfeeder lead identified in the custom feed will prompt the chosen automation. This means that if one company is shown as a lead several times due to multiple locations the automation will create these as unique opportunities, accounts, or leads. Different locations are seen as unique companies by Leadfeeder but may appear as duplicates in your CRM. 

Duplicates may also be created in the case of having automations set in feeds where a single lead may meet the criteria for several feeds. For example if a custom feed looks for companies in the US and a seperate custom feed looks for companies in the print industry, a company that visits and is in the US and the print industry may appear in BOTH custom feeds. If automations are set up for BOTH of those feeds a duplicate may be created in your crm.

Q: I have Zoho but my domain is not .com, .eu, .in and .com.au, how do I add another?

A: Our Zoho integration can only work with .com, .eu, .in and .com.au domains at the moment. You can try to connect via Zapier if that is an option for you. You can also suggest your domain here.

Q: My Zoho integration seems broken. 

A: Zoho is dropping support for their v1 API (see announcement here: https://help.zoho.com/portal/community/topic/sunsetting-zoho-crm-api-version-1-0).

If you are using V1 you will need to update your Zoho integration to use their v2 API, otherwise your integration will stop working on December 31, 2019. Updating is easy, you just need to go to your Zoho integration settings page, click on Reconnect, and follow the instructions on the screen.

Q: I have a different issue:

A: Feel free to contact support at Support@Leadfeeder.com or via our live chat! We will do our best to help!


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