When integrating Leadfeeder with Salesforce you may find that you have mandatory custom fields that need a value in order to properly create opportunities and match leads. 

We have built-in the option to add these custom fields in your Salesforce settings so that Leadfeeder will work for you.

  1. Select the Entity type from the dropdown:
    Lead, Account, Task, or Opportunity

  2. Use the API name in the Field Name field. Using the display or common name will cause errors. You can find your API field name in Salesforce. Depending on your version of Salesforce you will find this name in your Salesforce settings.
    If you are using the Classic UI you will find them similar to below:

      If you are using the Lightning UI you will find similar to below:

      Note: You must enter the "API Name" of the custom field as the Field Name.
      These always end in "__c".

      3. Input the default value that should be used for these custom fields. Typically
          some indicator that the lead was created/discovered in Leadfeeder is used. Please notice the value is not dynamic and applies for all Leadfeeder data that is sent to Salesforce.

Once these default custom fields are set up your lead matching and opportunity creation is ready!


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