As an agency or partner, you may be charged with setting up Leadfeeder accounts for your client. Don't worry, we make it simple! Following the steps below and prepare for happy clients!

STEP 1: While you are logged in to Leadfeeder, click the name of the account on the upper right corner. Select + Add a website from the dropdown menu. Adding a new website will begin a completely new trial and potential account.

STEP 2: This will take you through the account setup process. It may look familiar! You did on your first account.

Likely you will want to add a new company so that it is set up exactly as expected and billed to the new company as well. For that, you will select Add a new company and add the name and website.

Then answer the questions that follow so that we can make sure the new company is set up right!

STEP 3: Have the Leadfeeder Tracker script installed on your client's website. You will see the script in the next step. You can copy straight from here or share it with the new team via email.

STEP 4: Once your new company is set up or you have selected your current company you can give any connected users access to the new account. You can select options from the list provided!

You can also edit the company details, invite new users and find the Leadfeeder Tracker script by clicking your name on the upper right corner, and then by selecting Settings and Company.

Completing these steps will create a new account under your client's company name while you retain access in order to continue to support them. This setup will begin a new 14 day trial for the account and it's own paid subscription options. This also allows the client to manage and pay their own subscription if desired.


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