As an agency or partner you may be charged with setting up Leadfeeder accounts for your clients. You can do this by simply following the steps below.

NOTE: You need to have Read & Analyze access to your client's Google Analytics view.

STEP 1: Once you are logged in to Leadfeeder, click the name of the account on the upper right corner.

STEP 2: Select +Add a website from the menu.

STEP 3: Select the wanted Google Analytics account and then the right Google Analytics view from the view.

STEP 4: On the next view click under Company and + Add to a new company.

STEP 5: Name the company as needed and click Create Account.  

This will create the new account under your clients company name while you retain access in order to continue to support them. Do remember that this will start a new 14 day trial for the account and eventually it's own paid subscription. This also allows the client to manage and pay their own subscription if desired.

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